The Zeta

14. August 2012 at 04:43

Today I’d like to share with you my personal perception about the history of the civilization of the Zeta1 – or One People as they call them themselves. Before I share the story I have to explain one or two things in relation to this.

First: All my thinking generates from the viewpoint of consciousness; which means that each and everything is made out of consciousness and therefore consciousness always comes first. That means if I want to understand anything that I perceive, I have to look inward, to where my perception is generated.

Second: Because there exists nothing else than consciousness and also only the Now-moment in which all things exist simultaneously, each and every thing is related to each other. As Bashar2 points out: “There is only one moment in creation; and therefore there is only one thing.” And because of this all the things I could perceive are a part of myself.

Third: You also have to understand the concept of parallel realities; that each possible reality exists in this one moment of creation simultaneously.

Fourth: In relation to our “time of ascension” – or transition from 3D to 4D – I came now and then across the information, that humanity at this time has “a second choice”, that is: The choice not to walk the path of destruction but we can decide to shift our vibration and chose another path altogether. This bit of information I couldn’t understand at first.

Now to my story. When you explore the – let’s call it – ET scenario, you inevitably stumble across the Zeta, and sure enough across lots of stories about visitations. All this is very much instilled with a lot of fear – which I also recognised in myself. And because I don’t like to live with any kind of fear, I started to explore it. Books and information provided by Lyssa Royal & Keith Priest helped me a lot to overcome this fear.3 And it was then, as I tuned myself into the whole scenario, when I encountered this story – which sounds really crazy at first but makes absolutely sense to my perception.
(Besides: did you know, that the Zeta fear us likewise in a sense? They represent in their focus on Oneness the other end of polarity which for us is individuality.)

A lot of people may still remember the strained atmosphere on our planet in the 20th century – especially things like the so called “cold war” and all the nuclear threats which were taking place and so forth. Now imagine that humanity would have followed that path. There were a lot of people who talked about Armageddon and some had already built caves or dugouts as hideaways in case of a “nuclear overkill”. And on another “timeline”, in another parallel scenario, we did exactly this: we made our beautiful planet uninhabitable on the surface for eons. Regarding the cycle of reincarnation a tiny part left the planet, but most of the people involved in this scenario stayed and migrated under the surface of the planet.

They probably spent thousands of years underground. That is the reason that their eyes evolved in a specific manner and also their skin which maybe was helped along with cloning as well. The day they stepped out of their caves after all this time, they had to learn also, that because of the huge atomic explosions their planet was catapulted out of the former star system. It now forms the star system Zeta Reticuli.

The overall goal of those people was to overcome once and for all the hatred and warring which eventually had brought about this scenario. The conclusion they come to was, that the heavy focus on individuality creates these unwanted feelings and must be the reason for this unwanted behaviour. And because they were technically evolved, they focussed on cloning out these unwanted things. In that they were successful. But a side-effect of all this cloning was that they must learn, that they no longer could procreate.

Simultaneously they started to focus on being more in harmonic resonance with each other and the vibration of Source. They evolved spiritually, so that they now are in 4th density on the brink to the 5th. Bashar says they hold themselves back from the transition because they decided to first solve some of the still remaining mysteries, including their desire for the continuity of their civilization and knowledge also on a genetic level. So their goal was to find genetic material which fits best the idea to create a hybrid species.

In search for suitable genetic material their idea was to track back their timeline to a time before the nuclear devastation took place and they still were able to procreate in a natural manner. In this way they found our civilization, which eons ago – or should I say eons parallel – must have been the same. We did help a bit along with their search with our own atomic explosions, because this kind of thing is something that has an impact not on our planet alone but effects other planets and star systems as well.

So one of the reasons they don’t fall under the “hands-off”-policy of the “Association of Worlds” – where the ETs are not allowed to interact with humans – is because they stem from the same genetic material as the humans themselves and therefore are not really “extraterrestrial” to us. And another aspect is: in our collective consciousness we have agreed to interact with them in this manner for the benefit of both civilisations. If it wasn’t for an agreement on this – let’s call it – “subconscious” level, both species were not able to interact at all!

Therefore you find also stories about ETs which disabled nuclear missiles on our planet. They did learn their lesson a long time ago; and their wish is to prevent humanity from another such scenario. Likewise has the majority of humankind on its unconscious collective level also decided to take the leap to integration instead of destruction this time.

Yes, and now you may ask: Well, what’s the benefit we get out of this?! – It’s as follows:

First: We are creating a new hybrid species together with the Zeta! (Isn’t that alone just WOW?)

Second: The Zeta helped us prevent to destroy our planet and ourselves in an atomic scenario.

But the overall best thing is

Third: The Zeta found a possibility to help us overcome our instilled hostility! Because they are able to travel the timeline, they went back to the creation of humanity itself and instilled some ingredients which are now able to come to fruition and are showing in our spiritual evolvement.

And in this manner they provided us

Fourth: with this wonderful possibility to have the choice to chose another pathway at this time on our Earth!

And if it wasn’t for our co-creation with the Zeta, we couldn’t now enjoy the channelings of Bashar. Bashars civilisation (the Essassani) branched from one of the hybrid species we created together with the Zeta. And guess what: Bashar visits us from a time which lies about 1800 years in our future.4  🙂

Isn’t that just gorgeous, crazy and wonderful?!

What a time to live in!!!

(Spax  14.8.2012)

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  1. They are named „Zeta” after their star system Zeta Reticuli. In the beginning they were also called “the Grey” because of their skin colour.
  2. Channeled entity from the Essassani civilisation, channeled by Darryl Anka.
  3. Books by Lyssa Royal-Holt.
  4. Out of all these reasons it is that I have chosen to call them privately sometimes also “the Rey” – as a play on words of “Grey” and “ray”. I like this.