The (G)Rey

14. August 2012 at 13:25

Grey-Figur_grey-alien-81Today I’d like to share with you my per­son­al per­cep­tion about the his­tory of the civil­iz­a­tion of the Grey/Zeta – or One People as they call them them­selves. Be­fore I share the story I have to ex­plain one or two things in re­la­tion to this.

First: All my think­ing gen­er­ates from the view­point of con­scious­ness; which means that each and ev­ery­thing is made out of con­scious­ness and there­fore con­scious­ness al­ways comes first. That means if I want to un­der­stand any­thingmore that I per­ceive, I have to look in­ward, to where my per­cep­tion is gen­er­ated.

Second: Be­cause there is noth­ing else than con­scious­ness and also only the Now-mo­ment in which all things ex­ist sim­ul­tan­eously, each and every thing is re­lated to each oth­er. As Bashar1 points out: there is only one mo­ment in cre­ation, and there­fore: There is only one thing. And be­cause of this all the things I could per­ceive are a part of my­self.

Thirdly: You also have to un­der­stand the concept of par­al­lel real­it­ies; that each pos­sible real­ity ex­ists in this one mo­ment of cre­ation sim­ul­tan­eously.

Fourthly: In re­la­tion to this “time of as­cen­sion” I came now and then across the in­form­a­tion, that hu­man­ity at this time has “a second choice” (that is: the choice not to walk the path of de­struc­tion but we can de­cide to shift our vi­bra­tion and chose an­oth­er path al­to­geth­er). This bit of in­form­a­tion I couldn’t un­der­stand at first.

Now to my story. When you ex­plore the – let’s call it – ET scen­ario, you in­ev­it­ably stumble across the Grey, and sure enough across lots of ab­duc­tion-stor­ies. All this is very much in­stilled with a lot of fear – which I also re­cog­nised in my­self. And be­cause I don’t like to live with any kind of fear, I star­ted to ex­plore it. (Books and in­form­a­tion provided by Lyssa Roy­al & Keith Priest helped me a lot to over­come this fear.) And it was then, as I tuned my­self in­to the whole scen­ario, when I en­countered this story – which sounds really crazy at first but makes ab­so­lutely sense to my per­cep­tion.

A lot of people may still re­mem­ber the strained at­mo­sphere on our plan­et in the 20th cen­tury – es­pe­cially things like the so called “cold war” and all the nuc­le­ar threats which were tak­ing place and so forth. Now ima­gine that hu­man­ity would have fol­lowed that path. There were a lot of people who talked about armaged­don and some had already built caves or dugouts as hide­aways in case of a “nuc­le­ar overkill”.

And on an oth­er “timeline”, in an oth­er par­al­lel scen­ario, we did ex­actly this: we made our beau­ti­ful plan­et un­in­hab­it­able on the sur­face for eons. Re­gard­ing the cycle of re­in­carn­a­tion a tiny part left the plan­et, but most of the people in­volved in this scen­ario stayed and mi­grated un­der the sur­face of the plan­et.

They wanted to over­come once and for all the hatred and war­ring which took place for all these thou­sands of years. The con­clu­sion they come to was, that the heavy fo­cus on in­di­vidu­al­ity cre­ates these un­wanted feel­ings and must be the reas­on for this un­wanted be­ha­viour. And be­cause they by then were tech­nic­ally evolved, they fo­cussed on clon­ing out these un­wanted things. In that they were suc­cess­ful. Sim­ul­tan­eously they star­ted to fo­cus on be­ing more in har­mon­ic res­on­ance with each oth­er and the vi­bra­tion of Source.

They prob­ably spent thou­sands and thou­sands of years un­der­ground. That is the reas­on that their eyes evolved in a spe­cif­ic man­ner and also their skin; which was also helped along again with fur­ther clon­ing (prob­ably). A side-ef­fect of all this clon­ing was that they must learn, that they no longer could pro­cre­ate. But also in all those years un­der­ground they evolved spir­itu­ally, so that they now are in 4th dens­ity on the brink to the 5th. (Bashar says they hold them­selves back from the trans­ition be­cause they de­cided to first solve some of the still re­main­ing mys­ter­ies, in­clud­ing their de­sire for the con­tinu­ity of their civil­iz­a­tion and know­ledge also on a ge­net­ic level.)

A Member of the Kingdom of HeavenSo their goal was to find ge­net­ic ma­ter­i­al which fits best the idea to cre­ate a hy­brid spe­cies. But the day they stepped out of their caves (prob­ably after some eons), they had to learn also, that be­cause of the huge atom­ic ex­plo­sions their plan­et was cata­pul­ted out of the former star sys­tem. In search for suit­able ge­net­ic ma­ter­i­al their idea was to track back their timeline to a time be­fore the nuc­le­ar dev­ast­a­tion took place and they still were able to pro­cre­ate in a nat­ur­al man­ner. In this way they found our civil­iz­a­tion, which eons ago – or should I say eons par­al­lel – must have been the same. We did help a bit along with their search with our own atom­ic ex­plo­sions, be­cause this kind of thing is something which has an im­pact not on our plan­et alone but ef­fects oth­er plan­ets and star sys­tems as well.

There­fore you find all these stor­ies about ETs which dis­abled the nuc­le­ar mis­siles. They did learn their les­son a long time ago; and their wish is to pre­vent hu­man­ity from an­oth­er such scen­ario.

So one of the reas­ons they don’t fall un­der the “hands-off”-policy of the “As­so­ci­ation of Worlds” is be­cause they stem from the same ge­net­ic ma­ter­i­al as the hu­mans them­selves and there­fore are not really ex­tra­ter­re­stri­al to us; and an­oth­er thing is: in our col­lect­ive con­scious­ness we have agreed with them to in­ter­act with them in this man­ner for the be­ne­fit of both civil­isa­tions. (If it wasn’t for an agree­ment on this – let’s call it – “sub­con­scious” level, both spe­cies were not able to in­ter­act at all!)

Yes, and now you may ask: Well, what’s the be­ne­fit WE get out of this?! – It’s as fol­lows:

First: We are cre­at­ing a new hy­brid spe­cies! (Isn’t that alone just WOW?)

Second: The Grey helped us pre­vent to des­troy our plan­et and ourselves in an atom­ic scen­ario.

But the over­all best thing is

Thirdly: The Grey found a pos­sib­il­ity to help us over­come our in­stilled hos­til­ity! Be­cause they are able to travel the timeline, they went back to the cre­ation of hu­man­ity it­self and in­stilled some in­gredi­ents which are now able to come to fruition and are show­ing in our spir­itu­al evolve­ment.

(Be­sides: did you know, that the Grey fear us like­wise in a sense? They rep­res­ent – in their fo­cus on the One­ness – the oth­er end of the po­lar­ity which for us is the in­di­vidu­al­ity.)

And in this man­ner they provided us

Fourthly: with this won­der­ful pos­sib­il­ity to have the choice to chose an­oth­er path­way at this time on our Earth!

Out of all these reas­ons it is that I have chosen to call them my­self “the Rey” (as a play on words of “Grey” and “ray”). I like this.

As an af­ter­thought: if it wasn’t for our co-cre­ation with the Rey, we couldn’t now en­joy all those beau­ti­ful chan­nel­ings of Bashar. Bashars civil­isa­tion (the Sas­sani) branched from one of the hy­brid spe­cies we cre­ated to­geth­er with the Rey. And guess what: Bashar vis­its us from a time which lies in about 1800 years in our fu­ture.

Isn’t that just gor­geous, crazy and won­der­ful?!

What a time to live in!!!

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  1. Channeled en­tity from the Es­sas­sani civil­isa­tion, channeled by Darryl Anka.